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OÜ Firetek founded in 2000 and in the activities of our company include:

- Monitoring of fire safety, identification of risks at your facility, review fire safety and development of projects of technical solutions.
- Design of fire-extinguishing systems in accordance with the Republic of Estonia norms, standards and rules:
- Sprinkler systems;
- Drenchernye fire suppression systems;
- Foam fire extinguishing systems;
- Gas fire suppression systems.
- Documentation of fire safety. General fire safety instruction, instruction on the processes of explosion and fire risk, risk analysis, crisis management plans to eliminate. Preparation of documents agreed by us in the rescue services and the technical supervision.
- Conduct fire safety training (basic training, advanced training, organization and conduct of fire works). Servicing of fire extinguishing systems and fire alarm systems and maintenance of the necessary logs.
- Sale of fire extinguishers, fire-fighting systems, domestic water supply, sprinkler, foam and gas extinguishing systems.
- Sales of other fire equipment.

As our company has experienced fire engineers, who have special higher education and have many years of practical experience.

We are always happy to assist You in ensuring fire safety in Your business.

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